Collaborators from academia, healthcare and patient groups can add value to your study. Collaborating sites will be necessary for recruiting participants and for conducting the research. If you are interested in identifying collaborators from the West Yorkshire universities we have a number of contacts and can help to put you in touch with others with similar interests.

You can also contact us if you are looking for collaborators from local NHS primary care sites; we maintain contact with local GPs and practices specialising in, or with a particular interest in, various topic areas. We can help you to identify local collaborators from primary care, including identifying practices to carry out your study. Contact us for information.

A webinar about working together with sites can be found here.

Looking for collaborators?

If you have a piece of research (or have an idea you wish to develop further), you may wish to identify collaborators. We have links with academics and health professionals across West Yorkshire, and may be able to help you to find someone who can help you to develop a proposal or can help you to bring your study to a new area. We can also offer advice on patient involvement. We can help you to identify:

Please contact us with your requirements.

For more information on finding partners, the EU provides some guidance and services. These can be particularly helpful if wanting to identify collaborators outside of the UK and outside of healthcare/academia.

The CORDIS partner service allows you to search for partners or register yourself to be found by other potential partners. 

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) partner search focuses on IMI projects specifically. Again you can share your details or search for partners. 

You can find advice on seeking collaborators on the EU participant portal at (see Step 2).

If your institution is a member of UKRO (UK Research Office) you can gain access to a portal through which you can identify partners as well as gaining useful information on applying for funding.


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