Ways to get involved in research studies

If you already know the study you want to be involved in, click here to contact the team to find out how.

Recruiting patients

Some studies recruit patients through general practice but the research activity takes place in another setting, e.g. hospital.

These are known as Participant Identification Centre (PIC) studies, which means the study team does not have permission to carry out research activity in general practice but general practices can be involved by recruiting patients. This can involve all or some of the following:

If the study requires the health care professional to consent patients or carry out any other research activity, including consenting patients, then it is a full research study and not a PIC.

Research activity at your site

Other studies involve conducting some of the research in primary care, which could mean, for example:

In the new HRA system, when a practice takes part in a study their lead GP will normally take on the role of Principal Investigator (PI). This means they take responsibility for the conduct of the research at that site.

Working with others to contribute to a study

You can contribute to studies in other ways than your practice recruiting patients or running the study. You can feed into where you think researchers should focus their research, or become part of a team feeding into a research proposal.

If you are interested in being part of or feeding into a research application, please contact the WY R&D Team to let us know what areas you are interested in and we may be able to match you up with studies in the area.

Or why not become a reviewer to inform the development of new NIHR studies?


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