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How to guide: Training your practice staff to support research delivery

This guide outlines the training available to prepare your practice staff to support the delivery of research at your practice.

Key information you should be aware of:

Practice staff should be aware of their responsibilities with regard to research, and be adequately trained to carry out the task(s) delegated to them. Practices continue to be responsible for their own patients’ care. Please note that some very simple studies (such as ones which require the practice to send a text message to patients inviting them to participate in a survey) may not require staff to complete all the training mentioned below.


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Full guide

General training for practices

An Introduction to Research Delivery in Primary Care (offered by West Yorkshire Research and Development):

Training for staff involved in consenting participants

Staff who will be involved in the consenting of patients will need to complete GCP training:

Study specific training

For many studies (with the exception of very simple studies) the study team will provide study specific training. This is sometimes called a Site Initiation Visit (SIV). SIVs could be completed via video-conferencing or conference calls:

Protocol and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

A latest version of the Protocol and any SOPs should be kept in the Site File (see Site File guide for more information):

Delegation of duties

For many studies (with the exception of very simple studies) the Site File should contain a Delegation of Duties Log (Delegation Log). A delegation log delegates specific duties to specific members of the team.

The delegation log template should be provided by the study team, although it’s the responsibility of the PI to complete and maintain the Delegation Log.

Where a Delegation Log exists:

Keeping up-to-date

During the course of a research project, there may be changes to the following:

All staff should be made aware of the changes and ensure that they complete any assigned tasks in line with adjustments made in these documents.

Staff changes:

Glossary of Acronyms and Terms


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