The West Yorkshire R&D team helps to transform research questions into research proposals. The team has links with a diverse range of professionals, including clinicians and academics, and provides vast experience in research development. The team offers support in the following key areas:

West Yorkshire R&D has helped to establish a multi-million pound portfolio of research which informs decision-making by clinicians, patients and commissioners. Our research work is conducted so that health service staff are involved in the analysis and interpretation of emerging research findings as studies progress, enabling more timely and relevant research outputs. Examples of projects we have supported include: Action to Support Practices Implementing Research Evidence (ASPIRE); Understanding prescribing of opioids for chronic, non-cancer pain in general practice; Improving the Management of Pain from Advanced Cancer in the Community (IMPACCT); Self-Management of Analgesia and Related Treatments at the End of life (SMARTE); Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination System (EPaCCS); and TIME4PallCare - Determining timely engagement with palliative care for patients with advanced cancer.

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We may sometimes collect information from researchers but always take care to treat it fairly. (How is my information used?


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