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It is important that the findings of research are shared, as: healthcare practice moves forward through the use of research findings; commissioners use robust research evidence to support their commissioning decisions; research participants often value receiving the results of research they've been involved in as this recognises the importance of their contribution; other researchers can use research findings to inform their own research studies; and published research contributes to the growing body of knowledge which can be accessed by academics, clinicians, students, commissioners, or anyone with an interest in research. It is also important to share research findings even if nothing significant was discovered as this can prevent researchers from duplicating studies in the future. 

Dissemination can take many forms. The most traditional is a published journal article. Journals will usually have a website which gives instructions on submitting. Many research funders require research findings to be published in an open access publication.

You can also contact the press with any key findings, in particular in ‘hot topic’ areas. For advice on writing a press release see here.

You may want to promote a finding or an article via social media, or via a research specific social media platform e.g. ResearchGate.

How we can help

We can help you to disseminate your research findings. Please contact our Research Engagement Officer if you would like to discuss research engagement and knowledge transfer opportunities in further detail. Some of these opportunities include:


We hold twice yearly themed evidence events, where research findings are shared. You can read about our most recent events below:

If you would like to be informed about future events please contact us.


The West Yorkshire R&D Team feed into various newsletters, including those received directly by commissioners and health professionals. Please contact us if you would like to contribute information to these newsletters, for example if you need to: raise awareness of a research related event or training opportunity; increase awareness of and recruitment to a research study; disseminate results and learning from research; or generally raise awareness about research related activity. To disseminate information this way in the area please contact us to discuss.


The West Yorkshire R&D Team can publish or link to articles in our repository.


We can share information about your research findings via our website and Twitter.


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