Below are some of the many ways of finding funding streams appropriate to your research; remember, it can take months to pull together a funding application so factor that into this process.

Remember to consider:

General opportunities

For a list of current opportunities please click here.

Some of the key funding streams are:

European Union

EU funding is still available and UK partners are still able to apply up until the date the UK leaves the EU. 

The European Union has two major programmes appropriate to health research. These are:

NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) which includes:

Medical Research Council (MRC) which includes:

Subject-specific funding opportunities

AMRC - (the Association of Medical Research Charities) is a good place to look for very specific disease areas or patient groups. You can search the member directory for your topic area.

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Local funding opportunities

Research Capability Funding (RCF)

To enable the continuance of research within the NHS the research arm of the Department of Health, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), funds a number of research programmes and initiatives to ensure that patients and the public benefit from the most up-to-date and cost effective health interventions and treatments. One such programme is Research Capability Funding (RCF) which is financial support provided by the NIHR to NHS organisations to enable them to maintain and develop research capacity. The aim is a quality-driven fund that allows for local discretion and management of people to support and develop patient and people driven research.

The allocation of funding is primarily targeted at:

Research Capability Funding (RCF) is allocated by the NIHR to research-active NHS bodies or NHS health care providers, if they either:  

The NIHR has stringent rules on the exact definitions of what RCF monies can and cannot be spent on and as such must have a robust and transparent process for allocating out the monies. The WY R&D team holds a decision making panel with representatives from the West Yorkshire CCGs and public health reviewing each application for RCF before collectively agreeing which applications will be granted funding. 

Further advice

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