If your study involves a different treatment from standard care, which costs more or less than standard care, then it may involve an excess treatment cost or excess treatment saving. These are separate from research costs or study support costs, which should be funded through the research funding or through the local Clinical Research Network (CRN).

Excess treatment costs are applied for as part of a study application and should be flagged up to the relevant CCG(s) (all CCG commissioning sites where the research is taking place) as early as possible in the application process. This allows the CCG(s) time to consider the application. If there is an excess treatment saving, i.e. the study treatment costs less than the standard treatment would have, this should also be reported to the CCG(s).

For further information on excess treatment costs please click here, or for queries please contact us research@bradford.nhs.uk.

Please note that there is a forthcoming change to the excess treatment cost application process, and further information will be available about this soon. Before you apply please contact research@bradford.nhs.uk to discuss.