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To conduct a research study in the NHS, which means either recruiting patients or staff through their role in the NHS, or using patient or staff data, or taking place on NHS premises; you will need to consult with the NHS organisation, which will need to confirm capability and capacity of the organisation to take part in the study.

For research in primary care, each GP practice you want to use as a research site or participant identification centre (PIC) has to sign off to say they have capability and capacity. If your study is taking place in primary care in West Yorkshire you also need to copy in the West Yorkshire R&D Team. The West Yorkshire R&D Team can also advise the practices on this process. A webinar explaining how sponsors should work together with sites can be found here.

The team can also help you to identify sites. For other areas or for secondary or community care organisations please see to identify which NHS organisation will be able to offer you support.


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