Where possible we try to feedback results of studies that our primary care practitioners and their patients have become involved in. Further results will be added as and when they become available.

ASPIRE Action to Support Practices Implement Research Evidence - a trial aiming to develop and test ways to support general practices in implementing evidence-based practice effectively and realistically within the constraints and challenges of real-life general practice.

CAP Trial - Diagnosis and management of prostate disease in the UK.

CADPC II Children with Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care: the views of General Practitioners - interviews were held with GPs from a variety of locations in England, discussing their experience of managing childhood anxiety disorders.

CANDID - Cancer Diagnosis Decision Rules. This research is about finding what symptoms and examinations are best for predicting lung and bowel cancer. 

Cervical Screening Study - The views and experiences of patients and practitioners regarding cervical screening amongst women (55-64 years old) across Yorkshire and Humber - a qualitative study investigating attitudes towards cervical cancer screening.

CHIPPS Work Programme 5 - Care Homes Independent Pharmacist Prescribing Service - work package 5.

Effect of bioactive enriched food on markers of metabolic syndrome
Pivotal assessment of the effects of bioactives on health and wellbeing. From human genoma to food industry - PATHWAY-27.

Factors affecting patients' use of electronic personal health records

FFLU-X study - A guideline approach to therapy step-down utilising Flutiform®: change and step-down. The aim of this study was to compare two licensed asthma inhalers and to then evaluate the safety of reducing treatment when patient’s asthma is in control.

HEAT - Helicobacter Eradication Aspirin Trial.

HEP FREE Chronic viral hepatitis in ethnic minorities: a controlled randomised cross sectional cluster trial to assess the impact of identifying, screening and treating immigrants with viral hepatitis - to assess the most cost effective method of screening for chronic viral hepatitis in primary care patients within ‘at risk’ groups.

Mother to infant attachment and body image in the postpartum period -This is a maternal mental health study which is exploring the relationship between the way a mother feels about her body and the bond she experiences with her baby.

Organising general practice for care homes: Qualitative interviews

Partners At Care Transitions (PACT) Understanding excellence from a general practice perspective – Focus groups will be conducted in each high performing general practice to identify the factors that facilitate lower rates of re-admission.

PRESENT The Predisposition to Serrated Neoplasia and Tumours (PRESENT) study - to identify genetic factors (genes) involved in susceptibility to and the development of serrated polyps and cancers of the large bowel.

Q Method study - Primary Care Professionals’ views on depression case finding.

REACT  - Relatives Education & Coping Toolkit. An online study to compare the effectiveness of a Relatives Education And Coping Toolkit (REACT) with an online resource directory.

River Registry - RIVaroxaban Evaluation in Real Life Setting – a large global disease registry focusing on studying Atrial Fibrillation, looking at patients with newly diagnoses AF, with at least one additional risk factor for stroke, and treated with Rivaroxaban.

Tele-first - Telephone triage as an alternative to face to face contact in general practice - to explore how a GP telephone triage affects patient experience and use of NHS primary and secondary care services.

TIME Treatment In Morning versus Evening - a trial comparing evening dosing of usual antihypertensive therapy with conventional morning dosing.

TUDOR - Total Burden of Psoriasis - to find out whether diagnosing psoriasis related health complications earlier leads to an improvement in physical health.

Understanding the impact of the introduction of NHS new models of care and locality based working on frontline staff - this research has been commissioned by Leeds West CCG and has been designed to evaluate if there are improved relationships between frontline staff working in different organisations through the establishment of the Community Wellbeing Leadership Team.

WellGP - Daily diary study exploring GP wellbeing and patient safety - the study aimed to explore the nature of the relationships between burnout, wellbeing and patient safety, using a daily diary methodology.