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December advent calendar

01st December 2018

This month we will be signposting to a different useful resource each day.

You can follow our advent calendar here: 


NIHR Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Translational Research Centre newsletter launched

09th November 2018

The NIHR Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Translational Research Centre has launched a newsletter that you can access through their website.

The first edition covering Autumn 2018 is now available to read: http://yhpstrc.org/newsletter/

Learning Layers project wins award

09th November 2018

At European Vocational Skills Week 2018, Bradford Districts CCG and 3 General practices across Bradford and Airedale were part of a cross-Europe project team which won an award in the VET (vocational education and training) awards.

Learning Layers was an EU-funded project in which Bradford Districts CCG and three GP practices across Bradford and Airedale took part. The project investigated informal learning in the workplace and how this can be supported by technology tools. The project won the VET research award. Congratulations to all project partners!

Leeds lung screening trial launched

06th November 2018

The Leeds Lung Health Check study will test if screening for early signs of lung cancer is a cost-effective way of saving lives. This is funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, collaborating with the University of Leeds.

To read more about the launch of this study you can visit the University of Leeds website or the Leeds Lung Health Check site: https://www.leedslunghealthcheck.nhs.uk/

New article about research data published

04th October 2018

Dr Stephen Bradley, Dr Neil Lawrence and Paul Carder (our Head of Research) have written an article that has been published in Future Healthcare Journal:

Using primary care data for health research in England – an overview.

NIHR: new public involvement initiative launched

01st March 2017

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has launched a new public engagement initiative today. Chair of INVOLVE, Simon Denegri, shares: 

"The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) together with its Welsh equivalent, Health and Care Research Wales, have joined forces to launch a project to develop standards for public involvement in research.

The Public Involvement Standards Development Partnership has a website which went live today where you can learn more and sign up to be part of a wider network that will help develop the standards over the coming months."

For more on this, as well as for further useful information about public engagement in research, visit Simon's website.

NIHR Dissemination Centre Themed Review released: Better Beginnings

21st February 2017

A new NIHR Dissemination Centre (NIHR DC) themed review has been released, bringing together evidence based on the theme of pregnancy. The themed review brings together NIHR research on different aspects of health prior to, during and following pregnancy and features lots of interesting information about ongoing and published NIHR studies. You can download this evidence from the NIHR DC website, here.

To read more themed reviews released by the NIHR Dissemination Centre visit their website. Topics include diabetes management, urgent and emergency care and end of life and palliative care services.​

Join the NIHR two sides campaign

14th February 2017

The UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has today launched a poster campaign highlighting the 'two sides' of health research. INVOLVE advise that the campaign calls for people to 'make their voices heard by sharing their patient and carer experiences and their ideas for making a difference to the health and wellbeing of their families, friends, colleagues and communities.'

For more information or resources about the #twosides campaign, visit the NIHR website.

Primary care #oneinamillion

09th February 2017

It has been reported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) that over one million people have actively participated in primary care research studies.

The NIHR reports that Simon Denegri, the NIHR National Director for Patients and the Public in Research, said: “This is fantastic news. The nature of the health challenges facing the UK means that GPs, in partnership with patients and carers, have a crucial role to play in developing treatments of patient benefit. That over one million people have volunteered to participate in clinical studies is a mark of how successful this partnership has become. The NIHR hopes that many more people and their families will be encouraged by this to also come forward and help us do more life-saving work. Research cannot happen without them.”

For more information visit the primary care #oneinamillion page

HRA publishes new proportionate consent guidance

31st January 2017

The Health Research Authority (HRA) reports: 'The HRA is encouraging researchers to take a more proportionate approach to the process of seeking consent for participation in research.

Researchers have an ethical and legal obligation to make sure that people volunteering for research projects have the information they need to help them decide whether they wish to take part or not.

This new guidance complements the existing HRA online guidance for consent and participant information sheets. It further reinforces our view that people who volunteer to take part in research should be provided with succinct, relevant, user-friendly information in a proportionate manner that better promotes genuinely informed consent and facilitates the conduct of ethical research.'

See more at the HRA website.